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Disease Surveillance

Rosehill have a dedicated team of field service dedicated staff that will come and assist with blood, swabbing and biological sampling of all kinds. We offer this service to our customers as part of our service to ensure that flock health is protected to the best of our ability.

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Surveillance Protocols


We help train and carry out swabbing work as part of the LION code Salmonella sampling for our customers


A key part of ensuring good flock health is ensuring correct vaccine application has been achieved by using serological and PCR testing. At Rosehill we have used routine sampling in rear and in lay as a means to assess how well immunised the flock has been by the vaccinations and what field challenges are present.

This allows us to confirm that the live priming vaccines have reached the bird in an effective state and have not been compromised by water quality or improper application. When the results show the immunological response has not been optimal it allows the opportunity to investigate the vaccination protocols on the site and in rear it gives us the opportunity to revaccinate.

For the inactivated vaccines we can also confirm the effectiveness of the application using sampling and offer training and auditing where needed to ensure there are no areas of concern in the storage, handling and administration of the product.

Red Mite Control

Using a validated red mite trapping system we have been able to carry out extensive sampling work across the UK to observe and monitor levels of infestation. This service that we offer involves a prescribed amount of traps being placed around the laying unit for a period of 48 hours before being frozen, sealed and returned to our facility for analysis. A report is then produced which gives a graded level of how heavy the burden is and where the heaviest infestations of mite are in the house. From this point the method of control can be advised upon.

For advice, help or training with any of the above please get in contact via the contact form on our site

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