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Our staff training comprises of a thorough session focussing on the correct methods of storage, handling and administration for poultry vaccine. Through many years of working in this field we have found that by refining the and perfecting the process we can help ensure that the bird has been properly protected for a profitable and healthy life in the laying house or on the broiler unit.

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Our Poultry Vaccination Course includes:

  • Proper shipping and storage of live/inactivated vaccines
  • Procedures for handling and mixing of vaccines
  • Application via coarse spray including methodology and the correct droplet size for the vaccine in use.
  • Water vaccination using the Dosatron. This can be highly specific to the poultry house so we access the equipment and provide water charts to ensure the correct stock solution are used.
  • Water quality and its effects on live vaccine, water stabilisation is vital to the vaccine remaining intact during period of time taken to vaccinate.
  • A complete history of the diseases that have affected the UK Poultry industry and the development of each vaccine that used in current programs.
  • Certificates for each member of staff to recognise training in the storage, handling and administration of live poultry vaccine.
  • A training file covering all areas covered.

During the course we carry out a practical element whereby we go through the entire procedure and carry out a complete vaccination with the team on the farm. This has proven to be a very effective way of ensuring that the team are confident in the process we advise.

The methods we use have been developed from facing disease challenges from Infectious Bursal Disease in the 1980’s to Infectious Bronchitis which is an ever present threat in the field and having to refine the mass application of live vaccine to ensure that the birds are protected.

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