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Mass Live Vaccine

The successful application of live vaccines to poultry is reliant on series of accurate calculations combined with the correct vaccination techniques being used. When approaching the administration of live vaccine within a relatively short period of time to the entire flock of birds there are 2 principle methods currently used detailed below; 

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Water Vaccination

Using a drinking water system which has been fitted with a calibrated dosing mechanism such as the Dosatron has been shown to be an excellent delivery system. This method is commonly used for the live priming vaccinations of the major respiratory disease; Newcastle Disease, Infectious Bronchitis (including the variants), ILT and TRT as well as for Epidemic Tremor, Gumboro and Salmonella vaccines.

When the correct amount of stock solution is used to ensure the vaccine is consumed while still in its live state, the water is properly stabilised with an suitable quantity of Aviblue and finally the procedures in place ensure even distribution of vaccine solution to all birds are in place then we can be sure of a good vaccine “take”.

Coarse Spray

Applying live vaccine via spraying when carried out with care and amply water is a satisfactory method of applying live vaccine. However spraying has to be carried out with great care in order to be effective. Particular attention to the nozzle size being used is vital as a droplet that is too fine or coarse will adversely effect the vaccination. The use of a well manufactured equipment such as the Birchmeier sprayer will give the required 2 Bar of pressure.

We carry out training and stock all of equipment related to the application of live vaccine in all forms of poultry housing, complete with written procedures that detail the methods and water volumes for each sites unique requirements.

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