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Rosehill carry out regular vaccination audits work for the following areas of the industry. Our audits involve a site visit by David Hodson Snr. Or/and David Hodson jnr. and a completed written audit report of all of our findings, recommendations and conclusions.

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Pullet Rearing

We work extensively with cage, floor, step up and aviary systems for vaccination by coarse spray, water and injection. As the disease challenges in the laying house have increased so to as the number of vaccinations needed to protect the birds.

Free-range Laying

Coarse Spray and water methods of vaccination are both used inlay for the application of Live Infectious Bronchitis Vaccines. We audit and offer training in all aspects of carrying this out.

Colony Laying 

Coarse spray and water methods of vaccination. Effectively vaccinating high numbers of birds with live vaccine requires effective dosing systems, line priming and the correct quantities of stock solution.

Barn Laying

These new systems represent a similar challenge to free range units when it comes to successful vaccination and we offer assistance in training the responsible people in effective vaccination.

Broilers Systems

Including floor and free-range – All aspects of live vaccine application.

Breeder Sites

All methods of vaccination can be audited. In Breeder birds, it is of great importance to ensure the vaccines are given correctly not only to protect the birds but also to ensure that the chick is protected with Maternally Derived Antibodies.


We carry out regular audits in hatcheries and check all stages of storage, mixing and application. Also, we supply equipment and advise as needed.

We consider the auditing process as a constructive effort whereby we help find any potential issues and put in place the necessary steps that may be needed to correct. We will then follow up with another visit as needed until the processes in place are understood and working effectively.

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