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A family business established in 1970

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“we pride ourselves on being a close knit family team who are capable of covering each others roles as needed.”

DAVID HODSON, Managing director

At Rosehill we pride ourselves on offering complete support for our customers with all aspects of vaccination, parasite control and staff training.

The company was started in the early 1970’s by David Hodson Snr. and his wife Kate with the intention of being able to offer full staff training and a complete structure to vaccine storage, handling and administration for the customer as well as independent advice on the most suitable vaccines for the unique disease situation each of our customers face.

Since then there have been many disease challenges to the poultry industry throughout each decade, each of which has required the development not just of new vaccines but an evolving understanding of how to correctly apply the vaccine in field conditions. Through the Gumboro challenge of the 1980’s Rosehill were able to refine mass application of live vaccine which taught us many valuable lessons on the importance of all aspects of vaccine application that we now pass onto our customers. The poultry industry is highly adaptive and innovative which has seen enormous improvements in efficiency and production however we believe in the constant need to train and consult our customers farm teams on proper vaccination application. Ensuring that a structured method of application is in place and all members of staff are fully supported is vital to achieving peak health and in turn peak production.

We are a family owned business and will continue to be, we take great pride in our team at Rosehill because they all understand the importance of excellent service. Our purpose is to take care of the process of supplying vaccine on time, ensuring it is stored and applied correctly via on site training and working with your company in all aspects of bird health and vaccination.

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A family company of great antiquity

Founded in 1972 by David Hodson

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