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Dergall has a physical mode of action and can be used in the presence of birds for the control of Red Mite & Northern Fowl Mite. It is a 3D-IPNS technology (Three-Dimensional Immobilizing Polymeric Network Structure) product that works via immobilising of the parasite and as such there is no resistance risk with this product. The Red Mite life cycle consists of 4 stages – Egg, Larva, Protonymph, Deutonymph & Adult. The first blood feed is taken as a Protonymph which in turns leads to each subsequent stage of development until the adult stage is reached and eggs are produced completing the cycle. There fore 2 treatments are required for best effects 7 days apart. This will allow you to kill the maximal amount of the active population of mite and then also eliminate the subsequent generation of newly hatched mite. Using a mechanical knapsack sprayer or automated dosing system attached to a pressure washer the product is best applied after dark when the mites are most active with a suggested application rate of 150 Litres to a 16,000 bird free-range unit on multi-tier units.
1% - Use 10ml to 1 litre of water A 15-litre knapsack should be filled with 150ml of product and 14.8L of water (the Birchmeier Iris 15L sold on our site is ideal for this fitted with the correct nozzle).
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