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D8RE2 Dosatron

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Setting Range of 0.2-2% designed to at water flow rates of 500-8000 Litres per hour. Requires a minimum pressure of 0.15 Bar.
About Dosatrons
The Dosatron range of units provide accurate proportional dosing of vaccine, supplements, cleaning products (in dedicated models) and medication. They work without any need for electrical power and are of a high quality durable build. The range of sizes available cover flow rates from 10-8000Ltrs per hour meaning that regardless of flock size an appropriate model is available. We stock D25, D45 and D8 Dosatron models and service kits. Rosehill are experts in calculating stock solution charts and water stabiliser charts for our customers in Rearing, Laying, Breeder and Broiler flocks. For Dosatron units and service kits please enquire below.
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Further Information

Internal field trials were performed by ourselves to verify that the Dosatron provided a suitable means of vaccine application. The trial consisted of performing a vaccination using the following methods;

Header Tank

Gumboro vaccine was reconstituted and mixed into a header tank with the required amount of water stabiliser. The site was fitted with 12 water lines which were primed so the dye was present at the end of all lines. A sample was taken from each line for Virus Recovery at Scitech Laboratories using the TC1D50 Tissue Culture 50% endpoint method calculated by the Method of Reed and Muench.

Dosatron Method

Gumboro vaccine was reconstituted into a stock solution with the required amount of water stabiliser. All water lines were primed with vaccine solution and a sample was taken from each water line for analysis.


Header Tank

The header tank vaccine virus recovery work showed incosistend application results with an uneven spread of vaccine down all lines. In ten of the twelve water lines an average of 100 virus particles per millilitre were present per millimetre while in a single line a reading of 10³ (approx. 1000 virus particles) was recorded. A low reading of sub 10¹ which a trace reading was present in line four.


The results of the field showed an even spread of vaccine virus down all lines with an average of approximately 10³ (1000 virus particles per millilitre).


In our opinion the Dosatron units offer a reliable and highly accurate method of applying live vaccine via the water lines.

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