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  • 22.1.2020
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An Egg Producer’s Guide to Salmonella

Recently The British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA) took the forward-thinking move to produce a detailed and comprehensive 105-page guide to Salmonella with excellent articles covering the subjects listed below. We at Rosehill were happy to help with a detailed article covering all aspects of applying live vaccine.

I would encourage all members of the poultry industry to subscribe to the BFREPA magazine The Ranger and the booklet is available in the members resources area of the website as part of the subscription;

One Small Step & Salmonella – What’s in a Name Stephen Lister’s (Crowshall) overview of Salmonella’s impact on the UK poultry industry and the subsequent successful moves to combat the disease, alongside a piece of work covering the history of the disease.

A View From the Lab – Rob Davies APHA takes a detailed look at Salmonella Enteritidis, Typhimurium and emerging strains of salmonella such as Kentucky, Heideburg, Java & Newport.

Control of Salmonella in Feed – an overview of the feed treatment protocols in place to control salmonella and some excellent contributions from Christopher Michaut.

Salmonella in Rodents – Dr. Christopher Nicols APHA takes a detailed look at one of the greatest threats which is the presence and proliferation of Rat and Mice populations on farm. This article covers warning signs, how to control pests and the range of options available.

LION code – dealing with, testing and reporting of salmonella. This article looks at the key points of the lion code and the procedures involved in a positive sample being received.NCP – Sampling Procedures for Free Range Laying Flocks Paul McMullin Veterinary consultant; A step by step guide to sampling and how your sample is handled.

Cleaning and Disinfection for Free Range Sites – Dr. Becky Gosling APHA; a complete overview of the proper method for cleaning the unit on turnaround followed by an appraisal of the effectiveness of active ingredients in cleaning products.

Investigation, Detecting & Identifying Salmonella – Ian Lowery (Crowshall) A look at the importance of proper sampling techniques to ensure that a negative sample is truly a negative sample and the importance of thorough sampling.

Animals and Salmonella – Ian Lowery (Crowshall) Covering the reasons for why the Chicken and Turkey sectors are subject to salmonella control programs and the possible precautions where co-grazing is implemented.

Salmonella The 3 R’s Relentless, Risk, uRgency – David Heckman, Elanco looks at the effect of our attitudes towards risk and in covers; Relentless increase in technology that increase our abilities to detect and track salmonella infection, Risk covers the implications of aby weakness in our approach to eradicating salmonella to the industry and urgency covers the dangers involved in living in an age where bad publicity can be spread very quickly via social media.

Live Salmonella Vaccine Storage, Handling and Administration – David Hodson Rosehill Agricultural Trading; our contribution covers the correct method to ensure that the vaccination process from when the vaccine arrive on site till it is consumed by the birds is successful in protecting your flock. This guide includes a step by step demonstration of vaccine preparation and administration that is applicable to all vaccines.

Reducing Risk of Salmonella in Animal Bedding – Easichick look at the role of ensuring bedding is produced in a clean and biosecure environment as well the benefits of different raw bedding materials such as Straw, Paper or shavings.

Insuring Yourself Against Salmonella – Ed Nottingham explains how the producer can put himself in the best position from a risk perspective by operating the site with a strict control on biosecurity.
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